From the Publisher: Alberta Street News May Fold

Alberta Street News no longer has any funding coming in to pay for the printing costs. The money collected from vendors who purchase the papers barely pays for other expenses.

The number of vendors selling papers has gradually declined over the past 13 years. In 2003, we had 60 vendors working at any time. That number dropped dramatically when AISH rates were raised a few years ago. This last month, there were only 20 vendors selling papers in Edmonton.

The paper was sold in Calgary since 2010. In 2010 we were selling 700 papers a month to Calgary vendors – now that is down to 30 papers a month with only two vendors selling part time.

Unless we can find a sponsor or sponsors who can pay for the printing costs, I will have to stop publication. The cost for printing is $700 per month. If we drop the colour, it is $500 per month.

In addition, with more and more people using the internet for information, and fewer people are interested in reading hard copy in the form of newspapers.

Thank you to everyone who has supported Alberta Street News, our vendors, our writers, our customers, and our advertisers.

Linda Dumont
Founder, Publisher, Managing Editor
(780) 428-0805